CSU Electrical and Computer Engineering Department


Here are the links of the manufacturers of different devices.

Chasis: Here are some of the robot chassis that were evaluated.

LCD: Here is the LCD that was evaluated.

Ultrasonic Sensor: Here is the ultrasonic sensor equipment that was evaluated.

Gyroscope: Here is the gyroscope that was evaluated.

Camera: Here is the camera equipment that was evaluated.

Radio: Here are the radios that were evaluated.

Encoder: Here is the encoder that was evaluated.


Microchip, the PIC18F4520, microcontroller was used. The PIC was programmed in C using the CCS compiler. The PIC18F4520 development kits were purchased from CCS to get up to speed on the microcontroller and the C compiler. CCS has some attractive educational prices.

PCB: Here is the vendor we considered for circuit board manufacture.