CSU Electrical and Computer Engineering Department



From Left Back: *Rt. Christopher Churavy, *Rt. Rick Rarick, *Rt. Samarth Mehta
From Left Front: *Rt. Maria Backer, *Rt. I. P., *Rt. Steven Shanfelt, *Rt. Nina Sheidegger, Dr. Dan Simon

Dr. Dan Simon, an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, supervised and aided the six undergraduate students that worked on Robotic Swarms research. Dr. Simon has 14 years of industrial experience before coming to CSU in 1999. Some of his relevant accomplishments at CSU include:

Dr. Simon's PhD dissertation at Syracuse University was in the area of robotics, and he has supervised several robotics-based Masters theses while at CSU. One of his Masters students won second place in an IEEE robotics competition in 2004. Dr. Simon teaches the Embedded Systems class at CSU, which is dual-listed as an undergraduate/graduate course, and which involves the programming and application of microcontrollers. His web page dicusses his research and teaching interests.

Rick Rarick is a graduate student in electrical engineering, who along with Dr. Dan Simon, supervised and aided the students with their work. Rick has recently completed a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering at CSU where his thesis topic was the control of active magnetic bearings. He is currently working on his Doctorate in the area of control theory and will continue his research on magnetic bearings. He also has a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from CSU and was an assistant professor of mathematics at Notre Dame College in South Euclid, Ohio. Before returning to CSU to pursue his doctoral studies, he was a software engineer doing research in the area of image reconstruction for a CT scanner prototype.

*Rt. Maria Baker is an electrical engineering student who has an interest in patent law.  In the future she plans on attending law school to practice patent law.

*Rt. Christopher Churavy is currently in hot pursuit of his bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering at Cleveland State University's Fenn College of Engineering. He worked on the encoders and the gyroscope for this project. Presently of junior standing, Chris has compiled an impressive academic record to date, including a swarm of awards and accolades.  Driven by his unbreakable resilience and a strong will to succeed, Chris plans on earning his masters degree in computer engineering upon completion of his undergraduate work.  In his free time, Chris enjoys playing his guitar, reading novels, walking his dog, and experimenting with vacuum tube amplifiers, a technology he feels is far from antiquated.

*Rt. Samarth Mehta is a detail-oriented team player with impeccable problem solving skills. He worked on the ultrasonic sensors, the dead-zone switch and the motors for this project. He is an Honors Electrical and Computer Engineering junior at Cleveland State University. He has recieved an outstanding electrical junior of the year 2007 award. He received an IEEE award in 2004 for robotics competition. He received a Diploma in Industrial Electronics from Vivekanand Education Society’s Polytechnic, Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai (Bombay), India, in 2003. He is a member of Tau Beta Pi- The Engineering Honor Society. He wants to make a rover for space exploration and an SNRC (Self Navigated Robotic Car.)

*Rt. I. P. is currently a junior pursuing a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering at Cleveland State University. He worked on the radio communication for this project. He is a hard working student with a strong desire to excel in the engineering field. He believes in gaining practical knowledge while working on the real world engineering applications. In the future, he plans on working on Digital communication or Audio electronics.

*Rt. Nina Scheidegger is a sophomore electrical engineering student. As a pass-time she enjoys learning as much as she can about space exploration and the universe.  In the future she plans on using her knowledge in the engineering field to aid in space exploration.

*Rt. Steven Shanfelt is a junior interested primarily in humanoid robots.  He enjoys the science fiction writing of Isaac Asimov and wants one day to build the robots that are described in Asimov’s novels.

*Rt. abbr. for Robotocist